Wedding Trends 2019

Do you believe you must follow all the wedding trends for 2019? if yes, why?

If you are getting married anytime soon, are you going with what you like or what the crowd says?. Every year they come up with some new trends. Some of these ideas are great,but some makes no sense to me(just my opinion).

Let us accept this fact, some of us are crowd pleaser. So even though we might not like the trends,it is going to be done.

My advice is to choose what you love, and stay true to yourself.

2019 Trends

These are some of the trends for 2019

  • Traditional Weddings

I love this trend of going back to the old-time weddings with candlesticks and crystal stemware

wedding decorations
candlesticks and crystals
  • Pampas Grass

This grass is in centrepieces, bouquets and decoration in general, can be dyed to match your wedding colour. It is very versatile, I love  this.

  • Lots of colour

The use of bright and bold colours are in, I am all for brightening the  wedding, yeah!

  • Simple

Keeping your wedding simple is in, so you do not have to break the bank to have a lavish wedding.

  • Candles

budget friendly idea to decorate your tables

  • Signs

This is a great way to get your family involved, make your own signs. These can be used to help persons find where they are to sit and  letter board.

  • Dinnerware

Add some colour to your dinner,you do not have to stick to the traditional white

  • Flowers

Lots of floral arrangements in different height,size and width, to decorate your tables

wedding decoration
floral wedding centrepieces
  • Wedding Cakes

Big wedding cakes are in fashion.

art artistic cake close up
wedding cake
  • Balloons

This another affordable way to make your wedding colourful and stylish. I would make arches and walls with the balloons.

balloons for wedding
wedding decorations
  • Royal Wedding

A lot of people are using the royal wedding for inspiration, from Meghan’s dress to the flowers. Go for it if you can afford to but it is nothing to worry about if you can’t.

  • Fabrics

Velvets will be used in decorations a lot.

  • Copper

Yes copper is one of the 2019 wedding decoration trends.

  • Useful Wedding Favours

Thank goodness, the new trend is to give you something that you will use, like some spices and olive oils.

  • Foods

They are finding more creative ways to display food, a lot of food artistry will be on display. wedding trends 2019

wedding treat
food styling


There are a lot more trends for 2019, this is just some of them. However remember that your preference should come first. Please do not be pressured into spending more than you can afford or choosing a style you really do not like. At the end of the day, you will have to live with the pictures and the video, choose wisely. Best of luck.

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