10 Reasons why A Bride To Be Should Go To A Bridal Expo

10 Reasons why A Bride To Be Should Go To A Bridal Expo

I truly believe that a bridal expo should be a must for a bride to be. Because she will see most if not all of the vendors that she would need to make her day special.

I went to a bridal expo about 2 weeks ago  and the settings was great, you could find almost all the things you needed for your wedding day.

The day before they hosted a wedding planning workshop for brides to be this included demonstrations on hairstyles and make-up. They sampled  cake and food vendors offerings. And they got photography, flowers, decorating ideas and budgeting tips.

So here are the 10 Reasons why A Bride To Be Should Go To A Bridal Expo:

  • Affordability

This is by far the cheapest way to see all your vendors under one roof.

  • Save on time

Instead of you having to be driving all over the place to meet with different vendors, you get to meet them in one place

  • Comparison

in my opinion it is much easier to make comparisons to vendors that offer the same service. For example you want to choose a florist, it is so easy to find the one that fits your style and budget.

  • Ideas

I can guarantee you, you will see things you never thought about. There is always some unique ideas there. Paper flowers would never be my choice but the quality i saw at the wedding expo made me think about it. I also saw some vintage cars you could use to transport the bride and groom, i would never have thought about that.

  • Tasting

Wedding cake sample
Wedding Cake

Sampling a variety of cake and foods from various caterers is also a plus.

  • Latest Trends

The latest wedding trends will be on display. You will be brought up to speed on the latest styles and trends.

  • Bridal Gowns

wedding expo
Bridal Gown

wedding expo will definitely help you to choose the right wedding dress. Also it will get you up to date on the latest trends. There will be professionals there to help you make the best choice.

  • Prizes

Also there is always some great prizes to win at a bridal expo such as a weekend for 2 at a nice hotel, all expense paid honeymoon,photoshoot….but you must enter to win. So make sure you enter everything;leave nothing out.

  • Fashion

This is where you will see a variety of bridal gowns and other wedding fashions. Be on the look-out for that special dress and make sure your camera is ready.

  • Inspiration

A wedding expo is a great place to get inspiration for your wedding. However you need to go with an open mind. For example you will see somethings that you would have never thought about,  be ready to try new things. Be inspired.


Make sure you are prepared for the day. Here are some tips to get prepared for the day:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes
  2. Enough food and water
  3. Make sure to get contact info from vendors you like
  4. Take lots of pictures
  5. Try and visit as much displays as you can.

A bridal expo is where you go to see all the wedding vendors you need to help make your wedding day special. This is where you will meet some of the best in the industry. Please use this day wisely and ask all the right questions. Go to as much demonstrations as you can and above all do not miss the fashion show.

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