Qualities Of A Great Wedding Caterer

Choosing a caterer for your wedding is very important. Great food can make a lousy wedding , bearable. Having good or bad tasting food will be a conversation piece. Whenever i go to a wedding, i pay keen attention to the bride’s dress and hair, the food and the ambiance of the wedding. So best believe if the food is not tasty, it will be talked about for a while.

Catering takes up a big junk of your cash, so it is very important that you get a chef that can really throw down in the kitchen. For instance we do not want anyone running for the rest room, or when you look most of your money is left on the plates; the plates are going back to the kitchen full or half eaten. I would be so mad if this ever happen.

When your guests attend your wedding, you want it to be a memorable event for them. Now here are a few tips on how to choose a great caterer:

  • Recommended

It is always good to ask a friend to recommend someone, if you had a friend or acquaintance that just had a wedding ask for the caterer’s number. Remember that wedding that you went to and the food was excellent; get their contact info. Now listen do not just focus on weddings, any event that you went to and the food was good or you heard about the food at an event, get in touch with the caterer as soon as possible.

  • Budget

If you have been following my blog, you know everything i talk about,i must include  the budget. It makes no sense you contact a caterer whose basic package starts at $300 a plate and you know you can only afford $100 dollar a plate. So when your friend recommends a caterer , please ask ” what’s their price range like”, that wedding that you went to and you cannot forget how good the food was, ask your friend what is their basic rate.

When you meet a caterer that no one you know has used, please ask about the price real quick; no sense sitting there listening to all the great things this caterer can offer and you cannot afford them. Save yourself the heartache and maybe debt(you are going to borrow some money, because you must have this caterer)

  • Speciality

    wedding caterer

Find out if the caterer is capable of preparing the dishes you want. For example can they do vegetarian, greek , italian and the list goes. This is the first question you should ask.

  • References

Get about 2 or 3 references, you will ask these references about the caterer’s work ethics and how tasty  the food was.

  • First Impression

Were they punctual for your first meeting

Did you have a nice discussion(or did the caterer do all the talking)

For instance did they ask you any questions

Also did they really listen to you

  • Flexible

How flexible are they with their menu, i believe that this is a must have quality of a great wedding caterer: if your menus are carved in stone, i cannot work with you. Any good caterer will always accommodate their client.

  • Tasting

This a deal breaker, if the caterer is not willing to let you do a tasting, it will not work. For example he says he can do vegetarian dishes and you did not do a tasting and the dishes that are served are tasteless or there are ingredients in the food that as vegetarian we do not use. If you are doing specialty dishes ,please get a list of the ingredients to be used. Bottom line a tasting is a must.

  • Contract

Always make sure the contract is very specific

On what you get for the price

Type of utensils that will be used

Also how much servers will be used

For instance the exact menu

Who is responsible for cleaning up the venue’s kitchen(if that will cost extra)

Any extra cost

Assume nothing.

  • Cancellation

Another  quality of a great wedding caterer is how they deal with cancellation

How far from date of event you can cancel, without it costing you

If the caterer cancel will they find a replacement

What would happen if there was a natural disaster, day of the event

These question and any other you think of should be asked.


Make sure they have the relevant documents up to date,especially their health department papers, if they are not forth coming with the documents, you will have to check it out yourself, most important is the health inspector report.

  • Insurance

Any responsible caterer will have liability insurance, you do not want to be held accountable for any damage or injury.

Last but not least, ask about the experience of the staff, especially the head chef and the servers. Cover all these questions and you should get a great wedding caterer.

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