How to choose your florist

Choosing a florist is very important . The florist will be responsible for how beautiful your bouquets are and the decorating needs for both your ceremony and reception venue.The florist can make your wedding be the talk of the town or the flop of the town. Give yourself at least six months to  book a florist;it should be sooner not later. Florists are normally booked way in advance. Choose wisely. Before you speak to a florist you need to  know these things:

how to choose a florist
wedding day flowers

How much is your budget

You must know exactly how much is your budget before you speak to a florist because this will help with the choosing of the type of flowers. If you are working with a tight budget, choosing flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding would be best.

Wedding and  Reception venue

how much centre pieces you will need, what will be required to decorate the venue. Will you need an arbour or an arch?. You and the florist can decide on all the places you want decorated. The more place you need to decorated, the more it will cost.

Number of persons attending

This will determine the amount of tables you will have which leads to the amount of arrangements needed.

Bridal party

How much persons are in the bridal party, so the florist will know the number of bouquets and boutonnieres to make. Will florals be made for the parents of the bride and groom and whom ever else they want flowers for. Be very specific about what you want.

Colour scheme and theme of your wedding

You must choose your wedding colours and theme before you consult with a florist, this will help with the selection of the type of flowers and the colour. Take  pieces of fabrics with the exact colours you are using; by doing this you ensure that the florist knows the right colour you are using.

Come with ideas

Do your research before you meet with the florist, i am suggesting pinterest for your inspiration, i believe anything you can think about, it is on pinterest. Do not go to the meeting blank.

Find out if they do rentals

I prefer to use a florist that rents vases, lanterns, candlebras…. anything extra that i would need that the venue does not offer, this will make your life so much easier. If they do not offer this service find out if they have someone who they normally use.

Ask about delivery and set up

When you speak to your florist make it clear what you want: do you just want them to make and deliver the flowers? do you want them to make, deliver and setup. Please be very clear, so that no unexpected cost will hit you. WILL they pick up the rentals if it was not provided by them?. Make sure the clearing out of the decorations is included in the cost. Remember the flowers are yours but not the rentals; so let the florist know exactly what you want done with the flowers at the end of your wedding.

When choosing a florist you should check wedding websites that are in your area, it will be more cost-effective than to get a florist from way out-of-town. Talk to your local florist and please do not be afraid to speak to a florist who does not have a storefront, a lot of great florist choose to work from home.

Meet with about three or four florist. The amount of years they are in business does not concern me , what i want to know is how much weddings have you done, i want to see  lots of pictures, how creative are you,how flexible are you and where can i read some reviews about you.

Go with your gut feeling, if you meet a florist and you are not comfortable with him/her do not work with them. How professional are they, were they on time for your first meeting , how did they present themselves.

The cheapest, should not be the reason you choose a florist. Choose a florist because you get a good vibe from them, you love their work and you have confidence they will deliver what you want. It is always good for someone to recommend a florist,but you must still go with your gut feeling.

Please to read your contract carefully before you sign, and remember be very specific about what you want.

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