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bridesmaid dresses
bridesmaids and bride

The most talked about wedding involves every aspect of your wedding being perfect. To have a perfect wedding every aspect of the wedding must come together nicely and compliment each other.

After the bride has chosen her dress then it is very important to choose the bridesmaids dresses. This should be done at least six months in advance because if you order designer dresses it will take at least three months to be ready and then you have to factor in time for alterations.

Walking into a store and choosing a dress is another option but that comes with its own set of problems,sometimes they don’t have the amount you need,size is off or you might not get the exact colour you want.

here are a few points to think about when choosing your bridesmaid dress:


make sure you make a budget and stick to it. If the bride is buying the dress she must make it clear to her bridesmaids what she is willing to spend. The bridesmaids still need  to come up with a price range that all the ladies are comfortable with if they are buying their own dresses. It would be sad if they picked a dress and is way out of one of the ladies budget. So be very clear about the budget either way.

Have an idea of what you want

The bride needs to have an idea what she wants, there are so may places you can get ideas. Pinterest is a great place to start,google is great too, maybe you can get some pictures of bridesmaids dresses from weddings some of your friends attended.

Pinterest is by far the best place to do research for bridesmaids dresses. Do you want long or short?, do you want an uniformed look?. They could wear the same colours but different styles or the same style but different colours. When you figure out what you want, shopping for the dresses will be so much more fun.

Bride choose your gown first

The bride should choose her dress first and then choose the bridesmaids dresses. Remember the bride is the star of the show, all eyes should be on her.(most of the time). The bridesmaid dresses should compliment the bride’s wedding dress.choose a wedding dress that makes a statement

Make sure to choose a style that ties in with your theme

If it is a formal wedding make sure to pick a nice elegant dress. Less formal choose something simple but nice. Have you ever been to wedding and you are like “but the bridesmaids are overdress” or “they needed something more lavish”. Choose to compliment not throw off.


Undergarments can make or break the look of a bridesmaid dress. It is best if they try on the dress with different underwears. Comfort and how it looks under the dress is very important.

relaxing before the wedding

Bridesmaid opinion matters too

Yes the bride is the most important lady in the wedding but remember it is the bridesmaids who will be wearing the dresses and if they do not feel comfortable in what they are wearing it will show and that would not be good for the wedding atmosphere and pictures, So have a discussion and come to an agreement.

choose design

When choosing the design consider the ladies body type. choose an a line dress if you have varying body types. make sure to choose a design that will make everyone happy.


Select a fabric that is comfortable. keep the weather in mind. Chiffon is always a safe bet.

colour selection

Colours that are trending should not be your first choice. Keep in mind the skin tone of your bridesmaids. Choose colours that compliment the lady’s skin tone and hair colour. Your wedding colour and theme must be given serious consideration when choosing the colours for your bridesmaids dresses. We do not want colours to clash or look out of place


Final decision

sometimes choosing the bridesmaids dresses can be very stressful, try as best as possible to make it fun. Remember compromise is the keyword here. Make sure you achieve the right balance between colours and style. The ladies opinion “matter too”,if they are feeling fabulous it will show, the final verdict rest with the bride but remember the bridesmaids play a very important role on your wedding day. The wedding pictures will tell it all .Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to wedding ideas.

Do not wait until last-minute to choose our bridesmaids dresses. These are some things that can happen if you do that:

  • You might not get the correct colour you want;just a shade out can throw off your wedding.
  • The bridesmaids dresses might not compliment the wedding gown. The bridesmaids dresses should not over power the brides dress. IF the brides dress is elegant then it should be the same for the bridesmaid dresses, if it simple then both should be simple. You might just get something way off if you wait until last-minute to shop
  • The style that fits all the body types may be out of stock and you end up choosing a style that will make someone miserable.
  • There might not be enough time for alterations,so one of  bridesmaid might end up with a dress that does not fit them well”what a bomber”
  • The budget might just get kicked to the curb because you might have to dig deep in your pocket to get what you really want.

Give yourself enough time to choose your bridesmaids dresses, last-minute shopping will cause chaos.

If you have unhappy bridesmaids trust me it will show. They will not walk with confidence and the smile will be off.

Happy bridesmaids can help to make your wedding day great. They will look fabulous,walk with confidence and give us that inviting smile. The bridesmaids can help to make the reception so much fun. Not to mention you will have beautiful pictures and memories to last for a life time.

Bride you will have the last say but make sure your bridesmaids are happy.

Personally i did experience this because i had just one bridesmaid( my daughter) She just chose a colour from my colour scheme and got her dress.

I pray that your wedding will be exactly how you saw it in your dreams.



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