Bridal party


Choosing your bridal party can be very tedious. Your bridal party  should consist of close friends and family but ,most times it is not that easy. There is always persons who want to be apart of the bridal party, who you are not that close to,please stand your ground. When it comes to those who you invite to be in your bridal party, only persons who you know will have your back should be in your wedding party.

The bridal party should consist of

  • Maid of honor(chief bridesmaid

The maid of honour is usually the best friend of the bride or a very close family member. The matron of honour normally helps with the planning of the wedding. The  bride will want your help with choosing the bridesmaid dresses.

The matron of honour is the lead bridesmaid as simple as that. It is your duty to take some of the stress off the bride. You must be willing to help in any area your are needed. especially  making sure all is well with the bridesmaid and they know their duties.

The matron of honour should plan the bridal shower


selecting the venue

sorting out the refreshment

making sure the entertainment is on point

inviting the guest

make sure the bride to be is there

As it draws closer to the wedding day, especially if the bride does not have a wedding planner ,you need to help with tying up loose ends with the vendors. Remind the bride to be of things she may have forgotten.

The day of the wedding, your focus should be on helping the bride to get ready and be at the church on time!! as well as making sure all is well with the bridesmaids. Make everything is in place for the wedding.

Best man

Best man is normally the best friend or close family member to the groom.  He is the head groomsman. He should assist with the choosing of the other groomsmen attire for the wedding.

lan the bachelor party

find the venue

sort out refreshment


make sure the groom to be is there

Make sure the groom gets a gift from the groomsmen

On the day of the wedding he should make sure the groom reaches the church on time on time and keep wiping sweat!!,but the biggest task of all he is the one that holds on to the wedding rings. He should also make the first toast at the wedding.


bridesmaids are usually friends and family. The number of bridesmaids can be from 1 to whatever you want. Bridesmaid will give her input as to the dress to wear on the day of the wedding, She might have to pay for her dress,it should be clear from the very beginning what the bride will pay for and what the bridesmaid will pay for,so there will not be any confusion.

Helping to organize and foot a little of the expense for the bachelorette party is also a part of your duties.  There may be little wedding related task that you need to help the bride with. Gifts are a requirement as well.

Giving the wedding your  full support,  is a must. Looking pretty on the wedding day and enjoying the fun is all a part of your duties, so if you not feeling too well or your shoes are too tight, suck it up and keep smiling.

please think about what is required before you say yes!!

Groomsman at wedding


Groomsmen are normally friends and family. Their duties normally includes helping to pick  out their clothes for the wedding. Help in choosing a gift for the groom to be. They are apart of organizing the bachelor party, and helping with the expense for the party. Day of the wedding they should be well decked out ready to escort the bridesmaids down the aisle. Come  to have fun on the wedding day,be prepared to help with little task as the wedding day draws closer.

Groomsmen at wedding
Groomsmen at wedding

flower girl

They are there to look cute and scatter rose petals  along the aisle before the bride comes along. Sometimes she may walk beside the ring bearer. The flower girls are usually between the age of 3 to 8. They normally spice up the wedding with their behaviour as they walk down the aisle, bringing some laughter and oh my!!.

flower girls with bride
Flower Girls

Ring bearer

He is normally a little boy about 3 to 8. He goes before the flower girl or walks right besides. he normally carries 2 fake rings tied to a  ring pillow. We could not give the real rings to the child,they might just get lost. The best man and the maid of honour would collect the rings from him.

Some persons use a dog to carry the rings instead of the little boy.

Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings


Without the officiant the wedding cannot go on. A wedding officiant leads out the ceremony. They must have a licence to marry you. Their signature on your marriage certificate signifies that they saw no legal reason for you not to be married.

Most weddings are performed by a religious clergy or civil officiants such as justice of the peace and judges and shi captains


The bride is  the most important female in the wedding, without the bride there would be no wedding. She is 1 of the 2 persons that make u the marriage. Before the big day, most times she would have been the one seeing to it that everything is just right for the wedding.


The most important man in the wedding. He is 1 of the 2 persons to get married. If he is not there the wedding cannot go on.

Taking part in a wedding is very important, whenever someone ask you to be in their wedding, think about it long and hard  and weigh the pros and the cons. Remember there will be some responsibilities and some expense,make sure you can live up to them.

The mere fact someone chose you to be in their wedding, that means you are very important to them,in the same way you must remember that this is a very special day for the bride and the groom.


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