choose a wedding dress that makes a statement

wedding dress
Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress, there are a lot factors to consider.we must think about our personal style,type of wedding,and location.Budget will also be a big issue when choosing the right dress.

Location and Time

location,time of year and time of day,the wedding will be held is very important when choosing your dress.morning weddings are more simple than an evening wedding.If i am having a beach wedding,i would not wear something with a long trail.Choose a dress that will suit the climate .Synthetic fabrics are hot.Comfort is always my first choice what about you.

Stick to your budget

I believe that we should have a budget before we start looking for a dress.look for a dress that fits our budget.Looking at dresses outside my price range might just get me in trouble,maybe i will fall in love with a dress outside my budget. If i  buy it then  my wedding budget would get messed u.In my opinion we should only look at dresses in our price range, if we want to stick to the budget.


Choose wisely,are you going for a “fairy tale” style wedding you would need a ball gown.mermaid,this dress  fits close at the top and loose from the knee down.sheath flows straight down from the neckline to the hem. fitted hugs your body.Sweetheart neckline is heart shape above the bust.Those are just a few of the styles that are available.

BE flexible

Sometimes the dress we have in mind does not fit us well,so try on other styles to see what fits you best.


It would be nice if you take your shoes,jewellery and any other accessories you will be  wearing on your wedding day.This will give you a good idea of how everything will come together on your special day.

Choosing the perfect dress will not be easy but take your time.Start looking as soon as you set a date.If you go to a bridal store listen to the professionals ,they should know what they are talking about!.Be very careful when buying online sometimes the dress look totally different from the picture or  they just don’t fit nice.All in all it is your day choose what makes you feel special and unique.




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