Choosing a venue

wedding settings
Beach venue

The budget is set and you know how much you will allocate for the venue,you need to choose a venue right away,to make sure the date will be available.Decide if you want a empty space so you would do all the work of renting tables and chairs,audio and visual equipment,decorating,food and the list goes on.If you don’t want to take on that headache,choose a venue that will take care of all if not most things.Finding the perfect venue can be a challenge.Here are a few things to consider when choosing a venue.

  • The size of your wedding

Decide on the number of guests,so you can choose the correct size venue.Your guests should have enough space,have you ever been to a wedding where the tables were too close to each other,you just felt like someone was always breathing down your neck,the dance floor was no fun because you kept bouncing into each other.On the other hand you do not want a venue that is too big,it would look like half your guests did not turn u.Choosing the right size venue is very important.

  • Accessibility

If your wedding and reception will be held at two different location,let it not be hours apart,your guests will not be cool with that.If your venue is far away from    public transportation, road condition is bad,or the venue is difficult to locate , offer a shuttle service.

  • parking

Make sure there is adequate parking if not,see if there is anywhere nearby that your guests can use.You do not want your guests to be upset because they cannot find anywhere to ark,i know i would be.

  • Style

What is your wedding style,if it is vintage, modern,romantic…..,find a venue that is close to the style you want,or you will have to send a lot of money on decorations to get what you want.

  • Date

Getting married during the slow time for  weddings would be great,like jan to march and november.This will cut down on the venue cost and your date would most likely be available.

  • Do you

Most important choose a venue that you absolutely love,not because it is the craze now !!but because it represents exactly what your style is.

I had a church wedding and then had my reception in a ark, it was what i wanted and it was so much fun,i did not care what anyone thought about,maybe they thought i was cheap but who cares,it was about me and my hubby.


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