coins-currency-investment-insurance (1).jpgDeciding on a budget for your wedding can be stressful!when thinking of a budget you and your fiance income and saving,should be looked at and if any friends or family members are chipping in;all this should be taken into account.

figure out from early who is paying for what,do not assume anything be very specific;you don’t want to have a situation where the grooms parents is paying for the cake,but they thought it was only going to be three cakes when you want six cakes,so be very specific.

Contact vendors to get an estimate of what things cost,the venue is normally  the most expensive,the florist will be able to tell you what type of flowers will be cheaper at that time,photographers,bridal attire,musician,food….Will you be having a rehearsal dinner;added cost

please make a realistic budget,you should make a budget with extras in mind.Have a clear vision of the type of wedding you want but be realistic unless you are rolling in money, most time you will have to compromise.Make a budget and stick to it as best as possible.

when i was getting married,my husband wanted a medium size wedding for me,but after we made up the budget and checked the price of things it was way off  our budget,so i had a small wedding during the week and had our” reception”at a recreational park;we had a lot of fun,and most of all we did not go into our marriage with any debt;this might not be ideal for everyone.

My take on this is that we need to be very realistic! don’t look at what your friends did or the movie stars are doing,social media is another thing that can get us in trouble;people put their selves in so much debt for pictures to put on social media,most of the time it is not what it seems to be,be true to yourselves,remember it is about pleasing you and your fiance.

Debt  plays a big role in divorce,let the beginning of your marriage be as stress free as possible.


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