pexels-photo-689442 (1)Well Well!!, here comes a big headache,by now hopefully you have decided the number of persons you want to witness this beautiful event.Your wedding will be  one of the most memorable moments in your life,hopefully.The persons you invite should be those closest and dearest to you,but if you are not careful you may end up inviting some persons you really don’t want there;this happens more often than you think.Those unwanted guest can put a damper on your day.

The guest list should have a balance of both the bride and groom family and friends.The in-laws sometimes have their own ideas of who should be invited,there is always some family member who you are not fond of or have not spoken to in ages, but the in-laws still believe you should invite them,well guess what it is your wedding so it should be about what you want.

Friends! this is where you and your spouse may have to battle it out,we get along well with all our spouses friends”yeah right” if it was so it would make life so much easier.we can’t stand some of his friends and he can’t stand some of our friend,you may have to make a compromise;invite the ones you can tolerate.

There are some persons that you work and go to church with,who believes that they should be invited to the wedding;they will be dropping little hints,don’t feel sorry for anyone,invite who you really want at your wedding.

If no kids are allowed please let it be known from the get go,this can really be a sore point.This way there will be no misunderstandings.

Bottom line who gets invited to share with you on this special day  is all up to you and your spouse,there will always be some unhappy persons who are left off the list,too bad they will just have to deal with it;better them than you.

As soon you have finalized the guest list,send out a please reserve this date notice;this can be through text,emails or cards,then follow up with the invitations



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