As soon as you have gotten engaged everyone will want to know the special date,do not rush it give yourself enough time to plan;nine months to a year is good enough.I believe that one of the first things we should sort out is our budget,a lot of times it is done the opposite way,this can only lead to a lot of headache.Let us be practical, it makes no sense to choose things that you know is way out of your reach financially.


After you have made your budget,you think about the venue,if you choose to get married during the slow months for weddings you just might get a great deal;it is said that you should avoid JUNE,SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER if you want the best deals.

Choosing a day in the week is better if you want  a deal,weekends are very popular for weddings

make sure you have a good idea of the type of wedding you want,so you can make wise decisions.

choosing a wedding date
Choosing a wedding date


  • are you planning a destination wedding;when is the best time to get married in that region.
  • choosing the date should be done by both spouses,you may have to compromise.
  • remember this date will be your anniversary EVERY YEAR!
  • you can choose a date that has special meaning to you,such as the date you met, your first date,your first kiss…
  • choose wisely bad weather can really make a mess of your day.

Please choose your date wisely it will be your wedding/anniversary date for the rest of your life.


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