beautiful-beverage-black-coffee-1410226.jpg“Should i hire a wedding planner or not”that is a question that a lot of couples ask themselves.To tell the truth a lot of persons believes it is a waste of money.I remember some years ago my friend’s sister got married and my friend was very upset because as far as she was concerned the planner did nothing.

A good wedding planner will be an asset to your wedding.She could be the middle – man between you and your vendors,this would definitely reduce your stress!!,you would also be introduced to some ideas you would never think about.They have insider secrets,you may get some great discounts.The greatest of all a great planner would fix most problems without you knowing about it.

The biggest con would be the extra expense,plus if you gave the planner too much control the wedding might not feel like yours;you need to approve every detail no matter how small,because it is your day.


  • FULL SERVICE OR ALL INCLUSIVE:will be involved in every aspect of the planning from helping you to choose a venue to choosing shoes.
  • MONTH OF PLANNER:as the wedding day draws closer she will see to it that everything is coming together
  • DAY OF COORDINATOR:their main goal is to see that everything runs smoothly on your wedding day
  • DESTINATION COORDINATOR:most of the times the couples has never seen the place they are getting married or met the planner.This one can be very tricky;so you need to make sure you choose a reputable planner,they will basically be your eyes and ears.

So when choosing a planner think carefully about what it that you really need from the planner.


2 thoughts on “THE WEDDING PLANNER

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog.It is true a lot of us just cannot deal with the stress of planning a wedding,as i always say do what makes you comfortable.Have a great day.


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